World's Best Scoring/Burnishing/Creasing Tool

« posted: February 08, 2008, 12:01:49 PM »


For making sharp creases, smoothing out glued-on labels, and similar little desktop tasks, you can't beat "Scrape & Kleen." I've had one of these little plastic gizmos around for such a long time, I've forgotten where it originally came from. That was regrettable, since after years of use it's edges were worn and ragged and for several months I've been wishing for a new one.

Today I happened to notice some lettering molded into the item: " - Scrape & Kleen." Don't know why I never noticed that before (Okay, my visions isn't what it used to be.) Here's where the item comes from:

Product Name: Scrape & Kleen Nylon Scraper
Manufacturer Name: Range Kleen Mfg Inc.
Mfgr Part Number: 688
UPC: 0-70775-17378-0
Price: $ 1.99
Shipping: $2.88

If you're doing the desktop publishing and graphic arts stuff, I strongly suggest you get one of these. I'm sure you'll find it's one of the handiest items on your desk - right up there with your little plastic snap-blade box cutter!